Bank of Ceylon

Pensioners Association – Baththaramulla Reigon


Bank of Ceylon, Pensioners’ Association, in a radical move, decided to decentralize it’s management in
May 2007, on District Basis.
Colombo District having the biggest membership, covering a vast land area, was allowed to be further
divided into 10 Regions, according to the members, living in demarcated geographical areas, within the
Colombo District.
Battaramulla, Kaduwela, Athurugiriya, Malabe, Pelawatta, Thalawathugoda areas were allocated within
the Battaramulla Region. This decentralization process was given a tremendous boost by late Mr. Gamini
Karunaratne, Former President of the Colombo District Branch and a Trade Unionist of no mean repute
whose concept of decentralization has stood the test of time, for over a decade.
Battaramulla is one Region, which has come to the forefront of the Colombo District Regional
Management structure, from small beginnings, guided ably by late Mr. Gamini Karunaratne and under the
stewardship of Presidents Messers P.A.R. Srikantha De Silva and Dharmadasa Abeysinghe.
Today after a journey of seven years, we of the Battaramulla Region, can justly be proud of launching a
great number of projects, for the welfare and happiness of our members, as well as the general public.
These projects, covering a wide array of social services activities, such as donating clothes, medicine,
linen, educational books, furniture, wheel chairs to inmates of Children and Elders’ Homes, monetary
assistance to poor schools, participation at their New Year festivals. Prize Givings, arranging Musical
Evenings for members, conducting Sermons etc., for spiritual satisfaction are just a fraction of our
activities, which have helped establish the footprint of Bank of Ceylon firmly in this area, generating
good will, admiration and appreciation of the Mayor of Kaduwela and the general public.
Our Battaramulla Region has been instrumental in combining with BOC Branches in the area, and
conducting Dansalas on Wesak and Poson Poya days. These meritorious acts have effectively improved
the cordial relations between our members and the staff of these Branches.
Additionally, we have organized a function to donate 50 packs of dry rations to expectant mothers,
earning the appreciation and good will of the Mayor of Kaduwela and VIPS of the area.
Our Region renovated the house of a very poor family, and also constructed a house at a cost of Rs.
600,000/- approximately for a needy family at Thunhandahena, Athurugiriya and the entire cost was
borne by Mr. P.H. Manjara De Silva (son of Mr. & Mrs. Srikantha De Silva)
Our members have rendered their fullest co-operation and participation for projects launched by the
Colombo District Branch, such as the Annual Get-to-Gether, Arts and Cultural Festivals, Isimbu Gee
Waruna Musical programme, showcasing their latent talents and bringing much credit to the
Battaramulla Region and the BOC Pensioners’ Association, over the years.

Not stopping at that, Battaramulla Region has been responsible in feeding the Colombo District Branch
and the Parent Association with dedicated Leaders, whose contributions cannot be measured in monetary
We salute our members, past and present for their dedication, commitment, co-operation and generosity
which helped the Region in achieving the status of and ever shining Star in the Association’s sky.
Our sincere thanks, to Mr. Mahinda Wijeratne – our committee member who did a magnificant job along
with his son Mr. Shashen Thenuja Gannilegedara to assist in fulfilling our dream of launching this
Web Site.
We hope and pray that the Battaramulla Region will continue in its path of progress and glory providing a
shining example to other Regions, maintaining goodwill and co-operation with them and be an asset to
the BOC Pensioners’ Association and the general public in the years to come.

W.G.M. Sunila De Silva
The President
Bank of Ceylon Pensioners’ Association
Colombo District
Battaramulla Region